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School Service Hours. We assume that local area schools are now requesting/requiring high school students to do a certain amount of community service hours before they graduate. To help our students in LITW accumulate some of these hours, several times a year they may participate in LITW neighborhood projects such as clean up day, help staining the pavilion, staining the swing set, or working on the front entrance. If any students would like to be put on a list for when projects come up, please contact Eric Schmidt at (440) 591-5310 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The trustees are happy to sign any service logs and appreciate any assistance with these projects that keep our neighborhood a nice place to live.

Welcoming Committee. The Welcoming Committee wants to welcome all new residents to Lake in the Woods.  The committee is in the process of updating the Lake in the Woods informational binder. They are also in the process of forming a Sunshine Committee to assist neighbors who are in need of help, such as a new baby arriving, or sudden illness. If anyone is interested in helping make meals or run errands or if you know of anyone whom needs assistance, please call Allison Garvey, Allison Coulson or Penny Scocos.

Recreation Area. The Rec area is for LITW residents and Social Members. We can bring guests from outside of our neighborhood but they need to be accompanied by an adult resident at all times.

LITW Email List Usage. Some residents have been using the LITW Lakelines mailing list to send out blanket emails that do not pertain to LITW Community functions. We would ask that this not be done as some residents have commented that they do not wish to receive these emails.

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