Lake in the Woods offers a recreation area for the enjoyment of residents. Facilities include a pavilion, a tennis court, baseball field and swimming pool. The Association also offers organized activities and an informal golf league. Rules for the recreation area and pool are as follows:

  1. You must reserve the pavilion in advance with Elizabeth Spencer at 708-2909 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Again, other LITW residents will not be restricted from using the recreational area.

  2. Hours of the weekday parties are 10:00 AM until dark and weekend parties are 11:00 AM until dark (not to include setup).

  3. You are responsible for cleaning up the pavilion and pool area - ensuring it is left in the same condition as before your party, putting the tables back under the pavilion in their original place and turning off ALL lights.

  4. Electrical fuse box at pavilion will be locked during off season: see a Trustee if lights are needed during off season.

  5. In accordance with YMCA rules, each lifeguard at LITW's pool can only be responsible for 25 people Since other LITW residents may also be in the pool at the time of a party and to be safe, if you believe more than 25 guests will be in attendance at your party using the pool, you are required to secure and pay for the services of an additional certified lifeguard for the party. The two regularly scheduled lifeguards are able to watch only 50 swimmers safely at any one time. Safety is foremost in the minds of the Trustees and lifeguards. You will be required to sign a waiver avowing that a lifeguard has been contracted for your party.

  6. If you intend to NOT use the pool then a waiver will still be required to sign a waiver avowing that that the lifeguards will not be overly burdened with too many swimmers as the result of your party.

  7. FINALLY, the recreation area is for LITW's residents only. NO outside organizations, church groups or any other type of group is to use the pavilion for personal gain. That is, fees cannot be levied on any people attending your party. The purpose of the pavilion is for social events, birthdays, graduation and other similar events. When reserving your date for the pavilion, you will be asked the purpose of the event, approximately how many guests will be attending and if the pool will be utilized.

The Board of trustees thanks you for your adherence to these simple rules.

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